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That's the way it is. 事情就是这样的。

That's the way it with us. 我们就是这样。

That's the whole damned trouble. 这就是所有的麻烦。

That's what I came for. 我就是为这个来的。

That's what I’m here for. 这是我应该做的。

That's what you think. 只有你自己这么想吧。

That's your funeral. 此乃阁下之事。

thaw out 融化

the big time 了不起的事;梦想

the crack of down 破晓

the dead of winter 严冬

the devil in her eye 她眼神具有魅力

The die is cast. 一切已成定局。

the God's truth 说真的

the hustle and bustle 喧嚣气氛

the line is busy 通话中;占线

The price isn't bad. 不贵。

The whole world knows it. 全*都知道。

There goes your phone. 你有电话

There is nothing to it. 太容易了

There you are. 这是你要的。

There you go again. 你又来这一套了。

There's nothing I can do. 爱莫能助

There's nothing wrong with me. 我精神很好。

They will be very put out. 他们会很生气。

They're a drag. 那多讨厌,烦死了。

Think nothing of it. 不要放在心上。

This is a small something for you. 小小礼物,不成敬意

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